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Sebelum: 22 Jan 2018
Marketing / Public Relations
Entry Level
to be advised during interview
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HR Muhammad Square A15 JL. H.R MUHAMMAD , Surabaya, HR Muhammad Square A15 JL. H.R MUHAMMAD , Indonesia
English For Creative Industry
International Business Accounting
International Business Management
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Program Studi Teknik Sipil S-1


S1 graduates in any discipline.

Position available in Surabaya (West and Central)

Aged 20-30 years old, females preffered.

Good command of English in all skills.

Hands-on experience in Excell, Word, Outlook and Powerpoint.

Strong Interpersonal and communication skills.

To provide comprehensive services to clients interested in studying overseas.

To be actively involved in recruitment and marketing activities.

Your application should include the following:

  • Hand written cover letter indicating your preferred position and expected salary
  • CV with recent photograph, 
  • Evidence of latest education qualification


Send your application to (not more than 1MB) or by mail to Edlink+ConneX, Hr Muhammad Square A15 , Surabaya


I love being an International Education Counsellor because..

Everyone thinks Im SMART.
I can TALK to my heart contents and people will listen.
My clients are Fun Happy student.
Its exciting to MEET PEOPLE from different countries.
I get to TRAVEL a lot.
My ENGLISh is getting better and better because I can practice everyday.
Its WONDERFUL and REWARDING feeling to be able to HELP people reach their dreams.
I get to work in a STRONG and GOAL ORIENTED TEAM


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